Can’t Run Adb On M1 Zsh: Segmentation Fault Adb


I’m trying running the React Native project on a MacBook Pro M1 however when I try to run Adb it’s giving error: ZSH: segmentation fault Adb.

I tried run adb from both ~/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools & ~/usr/local/bin/adb.

Reinstalled platform-tools using android Studio.

Have tried to install and reinstall the platform-tools of Brew.

Reinstalled Android Studio but it was not working.

Device: MacBook Pro M1 2020, SSD: 512, RAM: 8

OS: macOS Monterey

Android Studio: android-studio-2021.1.1.21-mac_arm

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After you have installed Android Studio make a your project with android studio’s ready templates, and then create it. If you get an error, ignore the error.

Go to the sdk manager then uninstall the platform-tools and click the Apply button. Click OK and then restart android studio.

Again, go to the sdk management and go to sdk manager and install the platform tools. Go to the project and create it. The build is expected to happen satisfactory. manage the project.

Then, go back to the React Native project and launch for Android. Then, it’s all up and running.

To run devices that are physically accessible for tests, save your final Gradle in android studio, and run it directly from android studio.

The segmentation fault in zsh ADB is still present, but you are able to run your project in the Android emulator.

Google says: “Pending and it will be fine at when the new update comes out”

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