How To Fill A Text Box With Color in Canva: 8-Step-Tutorial?

Oh No! The text I’ve created in Canva is a perfect match for the background I’ve chosen.

But I’m not going to alter it’s color (coz I’m already enjoying it! ).

What can I do to make my text on Canva stand out? Do I have the ability to fill the text box with hue?

It’s a good thing that you can add text boxes with color using Canva.¬†However, you must follow these steps to ensure your effort is successful.

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How To Fill In A Text Box with Color in Canva

In the beginning, you’ll need to create a text box with the help of pressing “T” in your keyboard. Edit the text in accordance with. Then, go to “Elements” and choose either an oval or a rectangle. Select the desired shape and then tap the colored tile in the toolbar to select the color. After that you can drag the text over the top of the shape to alter the font and shape’s size.

Filling In A Canva Text Box with Color: 8 Easy Steps

If you’re used to Microsoft Word, changing a text box’s color is easy.

All you need to do is create text boxes from The “Insert” menu, and create a text box on the document. After that, go towards the “Text Fill” menu and choose the appropriate colors.

Although this feature isn’t in Canva at the moment but you can still use the Canva text box in the color.

To find out more to do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Connect to the account you have created in your Canva account, then open the design file you have already created, or create one by clicking the “Create the New Design” button on the homepage.

Step 2. Write text to the blank canvas by pressing “T” using your keyboard. If you wish to choose different font styles, head into the “Text” menu to the left and select from the font styles offered.

Step 3. Modify the message by typing the text. Change the font’s style as well as its color using the tabs in the toolbar located above the canvas.

Step 4. After you’re pleased with the font’s appearance and color, you can add the rectangle or square by going to “Elements” tab “Elements” Tab. You can also hit the “R” button at the keyboard, to draw the rectangle directly to the canvas.

Step 5. Alter the color of the rectangular or square’s color by tapping on the colored tile in the toolbar.

Step 6. When the drop-down menu pops up, select the color you’d prefer to select in the palette of colors. If you’d like to use another hue than the colors in the menu, enter an hex code in the bar for searching.

Step 7. Select the colour you’ve chosen to fill the shape with it.

Step 8. The text is dragged towards the form. The rectangle or square can be adjusted in accordance with the bars and circles in white at the edges.

There you are! it! You’ve already put a fill color in the text area.

If you don’t want go through the procedure again Simply mark the text and the form before hitting “Group “Group” icon.

This method, you are able to move your text box in a single unit.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about How To Fill In A Text Box With Colors In Canva

Are you able to utilize another shape in Canva to create backgrounds for text within Canva?

While rectangles and squares are the most commonly used shapes when making backgrounds to display your message, you don’t have to be restricted to them.¬†You can also use circles and triangles, and pick the appropriate color to help the text pop.

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How can copy the message you’ve made on a different webpage of your design?

To copy the style of text box you’ve created, select the desired text box, and then tap your “D” key on the keyboard. It is also possible to click within the textbox, hit the “Alt” button on your keyboard and drag the text box in any direction you prefer. You can also press on the box to text, then copy and paste it on the page. Be sure to group the text as well as the shape.

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