How to Fix LG TV Red Light Blink [2022]

User of LG TV always face a problem if they see LG tv three red light blinks then they go for a new TV. To fix this problem there many solutions. All because of the board, transformer, or caps and another component is the backlight. And replacing a LG TV is not so easy. The cost isn’t low. But trying the below solutions will help one to reduce the costs. So the path of solutions is a good and cost effective ways. The LG TV blink indicates an malfunction. There are few resets that can be used to resolve this issue.

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Fix LG TV Red Light Blink

Solution 1

All the LG mostly recommend the unplugging the tv for almost 6 hours so that it can drain itself before turning it on. The issue could be with the power board. And that will reset after the drain that is for 6 hours. And the next one would be the hardware issue. Two to three years warranty will be there.

Solution 2

If the stand by is 3.5v then the fuse f2 must be checked properly so that no issues should be found there. At the right transformer must be present. measure the board to know those are present. If the board does not have the 13.2 Voltage, it is likely that the power board is defective.

Solution 3

Observe the plugging and leaking capacitor coming from the top vent. A ESR meter can be used to confirm a failure caps and be careful in discharging the caps.

Solution 4

As we know the most of the caps were changed but not the small one. It was working after the replaced the strips. Remove the repair station from dining room. They are the small components basically heat sink. Anyone who want to experiment this they need to buy the inexpensive ESR meter example when you grab MK- 328 LCR ESR tester. It cost about $25 and took a few weeks to arrive from China. 

Solution 5

And if the defect is with controller then you can fix the controller manually or sure that your remote is working you can use it to fix the problem. You can fix the problem with the remote control. You can also turn to smartphone remote control applications like  Smartify, LG TV plus and others.

Solution 6

Another easiest solution is to connect your LG TV to a wall socket if it is connected with a power strip. As a power strip may fail to produce enough power to the TV. As wall socket will help in producing more energy and power.


Instead of spending money on repairing and replacing, you can try to resolve the solution with very little resets and get it done. Because the blinking of red light is a mild issue and can be fixed with appropriate solutions.

So, any of the solution can fix LG TV Red Light Blinks Three Times. Trying the solution can help you to get rid of the problem.

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