How To Fix TikTok Keeps Unliking Videos – Video Sharing App

Are you a frequent TikTok user who has observed that the app keeps disliking videos to which you have previously responded?

You have to click the love button (again) to remove your feedback from the reel in order to unlike a video on TikTok, so you might be wondering how this could have happened without your knowing.

The data displayed on TikTok is affected if the server is having problems.

To help you understand why TikTok continues disliking films and to see if there is anything you can change in your application to address this issue, we have created this short tutorial.

Why is TikTok Unliking my videos?

If you have used up all of your daily likes, TikTok will stop letting you view the videos you have previously liked.

Reason 1: You’ve reached your daily allotment of 500 likes from the app TikTok.

When you react to videos on your FYP (For You Page), your like will not be sent to the video if you have gone over this limit.

Reason 2: The TikTok server is offline.

If there are problems with TikTok’s server that have an impact on its algorithms and software, TikTok will continue to dislike videos.

Reactions made to videos won’t be properly processed if the applications server is down since the communication request from your action to the TikTok server is interrupted.

Reason 3: An internet problem

When you like a video on TikTok, the like will not be put to the video if you were not online at the time.
Your request to like a video will not be processed by the app if your network connection is sporadic or not swift enough.

How to stop TikTok unliking videos

Make sure you don’t over the daily cap of 500 likes on TikTok by adhering to the maximum number of likes each video.

If you use TikTok frequently throughout the day, you will need to maintain a mental record of roughly how many likes you are dispensing as TikTok does not keep track of this for you.

Fix 2: Verify the status of the TikTok servers.

If the server is down, you won’t be able to fix your TikTok app.

This will be the result of either scheduled maintenance or an unforeseen problem that has an immediate negative impact on the app’s regular operation.

Fix 3. Check internet connection

Check to see whether your WiFi router is set up and providing internet access or if your mobile data is still active.

If you power reset your router by disconnecting it for a short while and then putting it back in, it will assist if your internet is having occasional problems.

Turn off and back on your phone while using mobile data.

Fix 4. Wait it out

You would need to wait the whole 24 to 48 hours if you were temporarily barred from liking too many videos on TikTok.

Your TikTok account will be inactive, and when you visit your profile, it will say “This account is now suspended.”

When this message vanishes and you are able to read your profile information, you will know that you have full access to TikTok once more.

How do I stop my TikTok from tapping so fast?

Have you tried to like a TikTok video but received the notice “You’re tapping too rapidly, take a break!” as a result?

This notice is being displayed to you because you have liked too many videos in a short period of time without viewing them all the way through.

When you do this, TikTok marks your account as a “bot” (a phoney profile) and briefly suspends it.

You won’t be able to like or comment on any videos for a short while if TikTok temporarily bans an account.

Before you get complete access to your profile and may like and comment on producers’ videos, there is a 24- to 48-hour waiting period.

Can you fix the error message; ‘You’re tapping too fast, take a break!’?

TikTok will remove this error notice after it has served its purpose. When this notification appears, waiting it out is the wisest course of action.

However, you may try emptying your TikTok’s cache files if you want to repair the ban (it’s not a given that it will work).

  1. Open TikTok and navigate to your “Profile” section.
  1. Choose the three lines at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Clear Cache” under “Cache and Cellular Data.”

This will remove any “saved errors” and clean off all the downloaded data from your programme.


We hope you were able to resume connecting and networking on your social media app after you had a better grasp of why TikTok continues disliking videos and the simple remedies we have offered.

You may check out TikTok’s Help Center or send them an email at [email protected] if you still require guidance.

You should keep in mind that you may “Report A Problem” using the mobile app and provide feedback on your question or issue.

Keep up with events by following TikTok’s support page on Twitter.

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