How to Get Netflix on Amazon Echo Show – 60 seconds!

Everyone around the world are surfing various OTT platforms, one of them is Netflix. People are addicted to streaming media content such as Movies and TV shows online. The problem is, sometimes, Amazon Echo Show doesn’t have Netflix on it.

But there is nothing to be worrying about, As of January 2021, Amazon has added Netflix as one of the official applications within the device.

This simply means you can easily stream Netflix on Amazon Echo Show without any hassle. Let’s see some amazing ways by which you can do it.

Netflix on Amazon Echo

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Netflix on Amazon Echo
Netflix on Amazon Echo

Step 1 – Voice Command

Simply open your Amazon Echo and say “Alexa, open Netflix!”. Alexa will then navigate your device to open Netflix within seconds.

You can then stream your favourite movie or TV show directly.

Step 2 – Manually opening Netflix

If Alexa is moody and not opening Netflix with voice command, you can open it manually. Simply go to the home screen of Amazon Show. Search for Netflix by navigating on the home screen and clicking on the Netflix icon.

Features of Netflix on Amazon Echo Show

Features of Netflix on Amazon Echo Show
Features of Netflix on Amazon Echo Show

You can unlock various features and enjoy a lot of many interesting features on Amazon Echo. As you know Alexa is a completely hand-free set technology. You can just say for instance, “Alexa, play Money Heist on Netflix”. This will make your Amazon Show start playing Money heist from where you left it before. If this is the first time streaming, then it will play from the beginning.

You can even pull off some amazing categories such as Comedy, tragedy, thriller, etc.. by saying “Alexa, show me comedy movies on Netflix!” the device will then display all the amazing comedy shows available on Netflix.


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