How to Fix Global Offensive Counter Strike Audio Is Not Working

If the Counter strike audio isn’t working, it ruins the excitement because the sound can be a crucial element in your strategy and can help keep your feet on the right track with the opponent.

The absence of sound on Counter-Strike could be because of your speakers, audio settings, or an issue with the audio device on the platform you have chosen.

Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the blast when you fire the AWM at an unassuming opponent when playing the counter strike global offensive. that’s why we’ve developed this quick-fire guide to help you restore your sound when playing Steam’s traditional multiplayer.

What is the reason my audio isn’t working with CSGO?

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The sound that you hear in the sound of your CS: GO game may not be working because of the following reasons:

The settings in your game aren’t correct, which can result in an incompatibility with the system that you’re playing on

A problem with the sound driver installed on your computer will block any sound to be heard through the speakers

The corrupted cache files can hinder the audio function in your Counter-Strike

If the headset is not properly installed, it will prevent any audio from passing through, in addition to not being properly configured

The audio input that you choose is ideal for CSGO?

To ensure that your audio is at the best setting to provide the best audio experience while playing Counter-Strike Your game’s in-game settings and your PC settings should be properly set.

The audio settings on Counter-Strike must be set to “Stereo” not ‘Advanced 3D Audio Processing

Your Windows settings must also be set to “Stereo”

It should also be 16-BIT and 44100HZ.

How do I enable sound in CSGO?

Your Counter-Strike audio is not working because of a variety of reasons each of which is easily fixable with these simple steps.

Fix 1. Set up your headphones.

It is strongly recommended to always play with headphones when playing Counter-Strike because this allows you to hear the world around you so that you can see the location of your opponents, and not be distracted by outside sounds.

Set up your headphones on Windows

Step 1. In the Control Panel click on the ‘Sound’ button.

Step 2. Select the ‘Speaker’ image and then select “Configuration”

Step 3. Choose ‘Stereo’

Step 4. Select the ‘left’ and ‘right Speakers

Step 5. Confirm the modifications

Under the tab “Properties Make sure the audio setting is 16BIT, 44,100HZ.

Fix 2. Verify the game settings

Your sound settings could be in order on the gaming platform you are using However, when they’re not properly set within the settings of your game, the Counter-Strike audio won’t function.

Step 1. Launch Counter-Strike

Step 2. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab.

Step 3. Step 3. Click on “Audio Settings” and then click the ‘Audio’ tab.

Step 4. Check that your “Audio Output Configuration has been set for headphones.

Make sure your “Master Volume” isn’t muted, or set to a low level.

Fix 3. Update the sound driver

Updating the sound driver on your computer can eliminate any defective software that could cause your Counter-Strike audio to stop working.

Step 1. Choose the Device Manager on your computer

Step 2. Open up the ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’ tab

Step 3. From the drop-down menus, right-click on the device that outputs (headphones)

Step 4. Now you should be able to select the option to update your driver.

Step 5. Verify this by selecting “Search Automatically For the Latest Driver Software

Be aware that this could take just a few minutes.

If you aren’t sure you wish to follow these steps, then you can download ‘Driver Easy’, which will update your driver automatically for you.

Fix 4. Verify game files

Checking the integrity of your CSGO files will rid you of cache files that are not working and verify that all files are compatible.

Step 1. Start the Steam game launcher. Steam game launcher

Step 2. Scroll down to locate ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and right-click it

Step 3. Select ‘Properties’

Step 4. On the left-hand side, you’ll be able to select ‘Local Files

Step 5. Click on “Verify the authenticity in Game Files’

It will take only a few minutes to download and remove any corrupted files that are currently on the system.

What can I do to change the voice input device on my CSGO microphone?

Counter-Strike’s audio might not work in the event that you’re using the wrong device. Making this change is easy to do;

Step 1. Open steam and select your friend’s list. This can be done by pressing the option at the bottom of the screen (friends or chat)

Step 2. After opening After that, press the setting button, which is an ‘os’ in the upper right corner.

Step 3. The new screen will be opened and you will see the option titled (Voice) Click it.

Step 4. On a drop-down menu, the choice (Voice input device) is now visible.

Step 5. Choose the device that you prefer The device you select will be used once you return and play CSGO.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed the Voice input device.

What can I do to change my CSGO Audio output device?

The process of changing the audio output device you use is the same as changing the input device you use to connect it;

Step 1. Start Counter-Strike, then open the Settings menu.

Step 2. After that, choose the ‘Audio’ tab.

Step 3. You will be able to select (Audio audio output device)

Step 4. Choose the output that you would like to choose

You’ve successfully updated the audio output device of your CSGO account.

How can I de-mute Counter-Strike?

There are several methods to turn off the voices of players that you’d like to hear during CSGO multiplayer.

Option 1. By entering the game settings and choosing the ‘Communications’ tab, you can view the players that are muted or unmuted. you can unmute the player you want to play.

The game gives you the option of muting the entire of your opponent’s team as well as all other players other than your friends.

Option 2. In the menu ‘Communications there is the option to choose ‘Mute all but all friends as well as ‘Mute enemies team’

Be aware that muting everyone could affect your gaming experience since you’ll miss any crucial details.

For more options to mute other players, visit this page.

Final Thoughts

With the restored sound you will be able to listen to the incredible audio from Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

If for whatever reason, the audio isn’t returning the way it was, there could be an issue in your equipment, which could require an inspection by an expert.

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