How To Fix Roblox Error Code 267 [Solved] 2020

Roblox, like other game creation software like Maya, Blender, Flash, is an online gaming application. They offer services to create games, at the same time play games that were created by other users.

There can be few reasons to get ‘Roblox Error Code 267‘. Let me explain to you the main reason in a simple way as, If you are playing a game with Administrator commands and insert codes to the game, this act reacts as an ‘illegal attempt’ to maintain the game decor. Which results in getting banned and shows the error code 267.

Proceeding further and looking at what we can do to ‘Fix Roblox Error code 267‘. In general, it is not a very hectic task. But following the protocol and precaution is a must. Let’s begin.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

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The very first step is to make sure, you are not in any game/server currently in Roblox. The most basic fixes are mentioned below to fix Roblox Error code 267.

1. Use a proper and compatible Browser

To ensure that your game supports your browser and give you the best experience while working or playing on ‘Roblox‘. We recommend using Google Chrome as your default browser for streaming Roblox.

2. Reset your Browser to Default Settings

Since you got kicked out of the game and cannot get back in there due to Error code 267, it is really important that you reset your browser setting. So, when you try to login back, you do not get the pop-up message towards ‘Error code 267‘.

  • First, open your default browser.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Reset them to ‘default settings’.
  • Clean your history and browser cookies.

You are good to go. Try going back to Roblox and see if you are still getting the same error 267.

3. Set your Browser Settings

Very commonly, few of the sites in our browser move up in the ‘Insecure content’ list. This will not allow the sites to open, in the current situation, it will respond to the Roblox website to the user with ‘Error code 267‘. So, what to do in this case?

Simple, go to your browser settings, under advance settings select ‘Site’. Now, check if the Roblox website is been listed in the ‘Insecure content‘ list.

The settings may vary from site to site. Our goal is simple, to check if the site is blocked in any case to get open. So give it some time and browse your Browser settings properly.

4. Check your Broadband/Network Connection

Possibly, the cause of repeatedly getting kicked out with Roblox Error code 267 can be your internet network connection.

Reset your internet and give it a try. If you still get the same issue, I recommend you to use a VPN. This will work for sure.

5. It can be your Ad-Blocker

It is really common for users to use Ad-Blocker now-a-days. But is it really helpful to stream through few sites? The answer is no. There can be few websites that do not allow Ad-Blocker in order to navigate through them.

Simply off your Ad-blocker and try to restart your browser before opening any game in Roblox. Possibly, you won’t be prompted with ‘ROBLOX Error code 267’.

6. Roblox Re-Installing or Customer Care

Not to mention, if any of the above fixes do not work, you would possibly need to download and re-install Roblox again. Why? Well, if there were any changes in the settings, reinstalling the game would set them back to default. Very often, after every update, the majority of bugs are fixed. But manually reinstalling the game would do the work.

In case, even installation of Roblox do not work. Then you have to either wait for 30 days, or simply contact the customer care to get your unbanned from back-end.


Thank you for reading this article on ‘How Fix Roblox Error Code 267‘. We hope the above suggested tips have fixed the Roblox Error code 267. Do comment below and say your opinion. If we forget to add any tip, let us know. Thank you once again, have a great day.

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