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How to Gain Access to Movies Locked On Hulu

Have you signed up for a subscription to Hulu but some movies are not available when you attempt to watch them and are you wondering why Hulu refuses to let you view certain shows and films?

With Hulu having more than 35 of the most popular TV shows and 2500 movies to select from, you’ll be in awe of the choices, however, Hulu does require you to install additional add-ons in order to view certain items from their catalog.

This easy-to-follow guide to help you be able to comprehend why Hulu will not allow you access to specific options in your account. We also give you information of how to fix this issue so that you are able to access every feature of Hulu.

Why are films locked on Hulu?

If you’re logged into the Hulu account and notice an unlocked movie icon, it is because your account isn’t having access to the specific film.

Why are certain Hulu films not available?

Certain items available on Hulu are not available due to being in an additional category that requires an additional add-on that gives you premium channels or Hulu Plus which includes more features than the basic subscription.

Hulu offers a wide range of additional add-ons users can select from. So the unlocked shows could have been one of these add-ons;

Premium Add Ons





Additionally, you can choose additiona