How to Gain Access to Movies Locked On Hulu

Have you signed up for a subscription to Hulu but some movies are not available when you attempt to watch them and are you wondering why Hulu refuses to let you view certain shows and films?

With Hulu having more than 35 of the most popular TV shows and 2500 movies to select from, you’ll be in awe of the choices, however, Hulu does require you to install additional add-ons in order to view certain items from their catalog.

This easy-to-follow guide to help you be able to comprehend why Hulu will not allow you access to specific options in your account. We also give you information of how to fix this issue so that you are able to access every feature of Hulu.

Why are films locked on Hulu?

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If you’re logged into the Hulu account and notice an unlocked movie icon, it is because your account isn’t having access to the specific film.

Why are certain Hulu films not available?

Certain items available on Hulu are not available due to being in an additional category that requires an additional add-on that gives you premium channels or Hulu Plus which includes more features than the basic subscription.

Hulu offers a wide range of additional add-ons users can select from. So the unlocked shows could have been one of these add-ons;

Premium Add Ons





Additionally, you can choose additional add-ons such as their Network add-on that provides you with sports and entertainment channels.

Be aware that if you decide to purchase an add-on to your initial Hulu account this will add to your monthly fee. If you’d like to find out the amount they cost, go here.

What is the reason why Hulu not allow me to watch certain movies?

Why are certain programs available on Hulu no longer working?

It is likely that if you have Hulu operates on your device, it would be able play all video on the app, but this isn’t the situation.

Some of the content available on Hulu aren’t compatible with specific devices. It is also important to know that the various add-ons might not work on all devices Therefore, before deciding the one to include in your subscription, be sure that it is compatible.

TIP: Make sure you’re Android, Apple, or Smart TV devices are all updated with the latest version of software.

What is the reason I can’t watch certain films on Hulu

Are you watching a particular show through your Hulu account and were expecting the most recent episode to show on your app however, it’s not there yet, or you’re trying in trying to locate a program you know is available on Hulu?

This could be because of a variety of possible causes that could be addressed;

1. Hulu cache requires clearing

If the cached data in your Hulu application becomes too full it can prevent updates from happening successfully.

The removal of cache data from your device frees up the space and removes bugs within the data files that could be causing problems with updates.

On Android Mobile/Tablet

Step 1. Go into your ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Apps’ and locate Hulu

Step 3. Click on Storage and click on “Clear Data” and ‘Clear Cache’

On Android TV

Step 1. Choose the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 2. Enter ‘Applications’, and click on Hulu

Step 3. Click ‘Clear Data’, and “Clear Cache”

On iPad and iPhone

1. For Apple, You will have to remove the app of your device, and then reinstall it.

2. The show isn’t being shown

You might be looking for a show that has not yet available on Hulu.

Hulu will occasionally also offer an “rolling” set of specific series. This means only a handful of episodes will be shown on Hulu which are typically the most recent.

Films and programs may end up expiring on Hulu. Hulu will notify you when the program or movie is scheduled to expire in the near future, but you may have not noticed the notice.

If you’ve purchased Hulu’s LIVE add-on and are trying to stream an event that is live, however, you might be barred from watching it due to the region you’re in or because the event not available through Hulu’s website.

3. The show is currently on a break

Sometimes, a show may be on break and not release new episodes until it comes to the show.

It can take up to a few weeks and in rare instances, there may be a period of time before the next episode is broadcast. They do return but it’s the norm that you’ll need to sit through.

4. Reason. You’ve changed your place of residence

This is due to this add-on, LIVE add-on.

If you’re trying to view a live stream on Hulu however, the channel isn’t being identified, it could be due to the fact that you’ve changed the location and your service isn’t able to recognize it.

Weather conditions that are bad can be a factor in Hulu not being able to pick up one particular channel.

5. Reason. Link is restricted

If you’ve been given the link to watch a film or TV show on Hulu or another streaming service, they might have provided you with one which is part of the add-on features which you don’t have if the link does not play.

Certain content will not be played when it is not within the same category as Hulu.

How many TVs are able to watch Hulu simultaneously?

You can access your Hulu account across several devices, but you will not be able to play Hulu streaming across all devices simultaneously.

Hulu allows you to use two screens streaming simultaneously.

However, you can add the ‘unlimited screen addition to your Live TV account that will permit the streaming of Hulu across up to two different devices at simultaneously.


With Hulu offering a broad selection of movies and programs to select of, users shouldn’t face difficulty finding something to stream when using the application.

This guide hopefully helped you understand why some movies aren’t available on Hulu and also provided you with enough information to understand why certain shows aren’t appearing in your Hulu.

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