How to get care emoji on Facebook reactions

Care emoji on Facebook Reactions

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Recently, due to corona pandemic, Facebook have released an update. This update like every other update was to increase the speed, stability and user experience of people who use Facebook.

But, did you find something new as well? Yes, there was a new emoji added to Facebook reactions.

care emoji facebook

This emoji was first seen on 27th April, 2020. Many users had received this on the very first day. But, once the care emoji of Facebook reached a hike. Many users started to temp towards getting it as well.

The question is, How to get ‘care emoji on Facebook‘ as reaction?

First of all, let us take the fact that, whenever Facebook comes up with an update, it releases it to minimal users time to time. There are over 4 billion downloads for Facebook through App store alone. If we even take 1% of active users per day, that short down to 40 million users. This is why, Facebook releases the update to user in limited amount. Let us now understand on, How to get care emoji on Facebook?

care emoji on facebook

Tricks and Suggestions to get Care Emoji on Facebook

Step 1 –  Make sure that your Facebook is updated: If you are a user who uses Facebook on phone such as android or iOS, then make sure to update your Facebook application.
You can even download it from here – Facebook Android Version
You can download the iOS version or update it from here – Facebook iOS Version
Step 2 – Be active on Facebook for a while. Since, every update requires user reviews, this can be even taken under consideration that, if you are active enough, then Facebook will give your account the update to test it’s feature.
  • Be active on your wall.
  • Comment and react to people’s post.

How to check if you have received the Care Emoji on your Facebook Account?

It’s not difficult to check. Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to any post, either yours or someone in your list, that maybe shown on your Facebook wall.
  2. Hover your mouse/cursor on the ‘Like‘ button displayed below the post.
  3. You will find all the emoji(s) to react.
  4. The care emoji is displayed after heart emoji. On 4th position indeed.

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