How to Reorder Your Instagram Story Highlights

Ooh! I adore the Instagram stories that you highlight on your page.

It’s like a directory the place I can look for certain contents that you’ve created.

But, I’m thinking that the Instagram highlight stories don’t seem organized in the way they ought to be.

Changing the sequence of the order of your Instagram story highlights isn’t too difficult If you know what you need to do.

So, go out and read on to learn how to change the order of Instagram stories with highlights.

How to Reorder your Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram is currently unable to allow users to directly change the order of the highlights of their stories. But, what you are able to do is modify particular highlights by adding additional stories. It will be added to the IG highlights of the story and will be moved to the top of the row. Be sure to remove the story you have added.

Wait, what? You’ve said that you don’t grasp it?

Keep reading more about the process of reordering Instagram highlight stories and highlights of posts in a flash.

The Reordering of Instagram Stories Highlights Highlights: Everything You Need To Be aware of

Instagram Story highlights, as you know are a great way to keep track of the stories you’ve published on IG.

Imagine it as a collection of stories that allows your followers to get an idea of the content of your account.

So, if you’re looking to decide which IG highlight you would like to have at the top of the list, follow these guidelines to follow.

Note that Instagram’s mobile app is being used for order reordering.

Step 1: Once you have logged into your account, navigate toward the menu to the left and click on the image of your profile.

Your profile picture is in the lower left of the screen of your mobile phone. Then, you’ll see your profile page.

Step 2: Once you’ve landed at your account page, click for your Instagram story highlight you would like to be the first in the listing.

Step 3: Once you tap on the story highlight the photo or video you’ve added will be displayed or played on screen.

Then, go to the lower-right corner of the screen, and click the More button, which displays as a three-dot symbol.

Step 4: In the pop-up window, click the Edit Highlight button. You’ll then be directed to the gallery of your story highlight.

You can also use the Edit Highlight option by long-pressing the highlight to make a pop-out window pop up.

Step 5: Once you’ve finished you’ll notice two sections of the gallery of highlights which are Stories and Selected. If you’re looking to add a story, click the option Stories.

Then, you pick an unrelated story to include in that specific highlights.

It will be clear that the story is selected when you see blue checkmarks on the lower right side of its thumbnail.

After choosing the story you want to write, go to the upper right corner of the page, and then press Done.

You’ll notice you can see that you’ll notice that the IG story highlight you picked earlier has been moved to the very beginning of that list.

Step 6: If you have additional story highlights you wish to change order Repeat Steps 2 to 6 until all highlights are placed in the order you would like to have them in.

Step 7: Next, walk over to the highlight that you just reordered. Press it.

Read through the stories that are highlighted until you get to the most recent story you have added.

After you’ve finished the previous IG story, click the 3-dot symbol (which is also the More button) in the lower left of the screen until the pop-up window pop up.

Step 8: In the pop-out window choose the option to remove from the highlight.

After that, to complete the process, select the option to remove the video in the pop-up window that is displayed.

Just like that you’ve taken out the random highlight you’ve added.

Repeat the steps until all story elements are placed in the order you would like them to appear.

So, why are you still Grabbing your mobiles and testing this method?

Can you reorder your Instagram story highlights if you’re accessing Instagram on a desktop?

You can reorder the order of highlights on your Instagram Story highlights available only in the mobile application. Therefore, you can’t reorder highlight stories on Instagram on computers.

How can I reorder more than 1 Instagram story highlight?

When you’ve got more than one story highlight you would like to rearrange, follow the same method by adding stories randomly. However, you should begin adding random stories beginning with the story highlight you would like to be at the bottom, moving up to the one you wish as the primary highlight. After that, you can remove random highlights following.

Is it possible to reorder the stories within the highlights in the way you want them to appear?

If you’re using a mobile application or a desktop to access Instagram the same way, you can’t alter the order of stories in the highlight. Stories are displayed in chronological order. That is to say, the most recent story that you posted is the first.

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