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How to Fully Disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 11

For a long time, Microsoft has been testing its new Edge browser. Now, the company is ready, at least in theory, to roll it out to its entire user base, according to reports. In Windows 11, Microsoft Edge has been included as the default browser by default. Windows users can now experience a chromium-based internet experience with Edge. In this article, you will learn to disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 11.

Since you’re not a fan of Edge and then use a third-party browser, it can be a sad change. However, this isn’t the case at all. Microsoft Edge can be removed from Windows 11 using the PowerShell commands listed below.

What is Microsoft Edge?

All Windows 10 devices use Microsoft Edge as their default browser by default. Built to be compatible with the modern web version, it’s easy to use and navigate. Enterprise Mode can be used for several other enterprise web apps as well as a small set of sites built to operate with existing or older technologies like ActiveX. Also, Enterprise Mode can be used to send the users to Internet Explorer 11 automatically.

The Newest Version of Edge

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Edge’s latest version is a ‘Chromium’ browser, according to Microsoft. In other words, it can operate hundreds of Google Chrome plugins. Among them are screen readers, productivity tools, games that can be played in the browser, and more.

Additionally, you can also use Microsoft’s existing extension store to find additional extensions. Any feature you’d like to see in a browser extension is probably already available.

Sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, and more if you sign up for a free Microsoft account. This implies that if you use Edge on a different website or even a computer, all of your browsing histories will be available in a matter of moments.

As well as being faster than the previous versions, this fresh version of Microsoft Edge is on an equal level with Firefox and Chrome.

The use of a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device should be detected automatically. You can see all looking views by clicking the arrow beside the ‘Download’ button upon on-page.

Disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 11

How to Fully Disable Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 2

If you are using Windows 11 then Microsoft Edge is the default web browser. Microsoft’s servers and also the Bing engine is also used by default. You can uninstall Edge using the guidance above if you don’t like it or would like to replace it with a better alternative. Another possible explanation to eliminate Microsoft Edge is if you’re using a company-issued search engine with additional security.

Chrome-based Edge still appears to lack some of the groundbreaking features offered by third-party search engines like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Brave Browser, or DuckDuckGo. You should disable Microsoft Edge if you are experiencing any of these problems or perhaps you’d like to switch to an alternate solution browser.