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5 Best Ways to Get Free In-App Purchases

Playing online games and using a variety of apps is what everyone does now. As we all are quarantined at our homes and have nothing much good to do we really want to enjoy playing a variety of games available on the play store. Though most of the games available on the Play Store are free of cost and can be easily installed consuming a small amount of your data. 

But it becomes really annoying when you start playing the game and most of the best features in it can be unlocked only after paying a handsome amount. To be very honest the amounts are pretty much than the actual cost of the game itself. Is it just like the owner is playing the sarcasm over the users like you are allowed to enter into an amusement park for free but you have to pay much more than expected for each of your favorite rides, does there even one reason left for getting into an amusement park when you actually cannot ride on your favorite rides. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me and I know that’s the case for most of the other users too.

We always find the reviews of the games filled up with critics stating that they are not allowed to unlock most of the features of the game and asking what’s the point of downloading the game for free then; The good news is here now, it’s time to end up all this. If you are a game lover and want to enjoy your favorite games and their best features without losing a penny from your pocket. Here we are to your rescue!

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How to Get Free In-App Purchases

This is the list of the 5 best apps which would let you get free all of the features in your game apps.

1. Freedom APK

The features and facilities it provides are much similar to its name FREEDOM APK gives you freedom over everything you really wanted to. In this case, it is the unlock premium features of your games for which you have to pay a lot more money. It allows you to unlock all the features and get a paid version of your game if it is any, get more coins, diamonds, and lives to play the game with all the more fun into it, and using all the creative and beautiful features in it.

How does freedom actually works? Let me tell you this when you grant freedom then it bypasses the Google Play Store pretending that you have already paid for the premium features and gets you access to them without you actually paying any money. It just jumps off from the credit card part where you are supposed to lose your money from your account to get the best from your game.

5 Best Ways to Get Free In-App Purchases 1

Does using freedom tough? Is it a complex process? No! Not at all! In fact, What you have to do is just these easy ABCD steps

  1. Download FREEDOM APK
  2. Let it install and then open
  3. Check the list to select the application you want
  4. Grant by just taping over it

You are done already! The only drawback to it is you need a root application in the android you are using to access this app.

2. Lucky Patcher

The credit for this wonderful free in-app purchasing application goes to ChelpuS. This is the best choice for you if you really wanted to get rid of all the ads which disturb you while playing a game or waste most of your time and to also get all the premium features that are costly and out of your reach. This is a very good Android hacking technique that could work with the root access or without it too. The things which could be unlocked by using it are themes, characters, games, points, lives, diamonds, and everything which w