How to Fix Error DF-BPA-30 When Processing a Purchase in the Play Store?

The Google Play Store application store there is a variety of errors. These include errors that do not permit you to sign in to your account information, or the error requiring authentication and many more. For errors, today we’ll be discussing the error code DF-BPA-30 in the Play Store, so pay attention to the issue. how to fix the error DF-BPA-30 when making a purchase through the Play Store.

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What’s the DF BPA-30 error in the Play Store

This error could be extremely painful for users since it stops them from buying apps through the Play Store. If this error is encountered it displays a message on the mobile screen , informing it that the application store encountered an error in processing the purchase> on the application store.

It is important to note that this error is only visible when there is an purchase of an app is paid for and is not present in the process of downloading free apps, it is impossible for the error to be displayed.

It is vital to point out that, even though the error message shows up on the mobile device of the user however, is not caused due to issues with the device, instead it is created directly by the application store. While the developers behind the well-known Play Store store on the app have tried numerous times to get rid the error message, they haven’t achieved success.

How do you fix the DF BPA-30 error that occurs when you process an order on the Play Store?

Method 1. Clear Play Store cache and information

This is an extremely practical approach that has proved to work for many people, as the temporary files or caches from the Play Store may be the ones that trigger the error, and it is best to remove the cache and temporary files.

  • To clear the caches of your Play Store and the Play Store services the first thing to do is find the settings on your device, then navigate to Applications> Application Manager.
  • Search for the app dubbed Google Play Services, click on it, and then click the Clear cache button. Then, similarly, look to Google Play Store. Google Play Store app.
  • Click here and click select the delete data button. When you click it the message will pop up warning you that if delete the data all settings, files and accounts will be deleted permanently including. Select Delete, and that’s it. Then, beneath this option, press the Clear cache button, and you’ll be able to clear the cache of Play Store. Play Store.

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Method 2: Remove and add Google Play account. Google Play account

Since the issue may be in you Google accounts, the most effective option is to remove it from your mobile and then to add it again as we describe in the following:

  • Go to Settings on your mobile, then navigate through the tab Accounts which is located in the Personal section of the mobile.
  • Click then on then the Google option and choose the Google account that is anchored in the Play Store Then you’ll be able to see the settings on your mobile device that are synchronized to the settings of your Google account.
  • Take a look at the top left on the display, then tap on More> Delete Account and you will see a message be displayed asking you to verify your action then click Delete. you will see your Google accounts will then be removed from your mobile.
  • Then, restart your phone and after you have turned on it, sign in to your Google account to your mobile once more. Then return on the Play Store and try purchasing the apps that you’d like to purchase to determine if the DF-BPA-30 error has gone away.

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Method 3: Purchase the app on the Play Store on the internet.

This method actually is one of the methods that has been successful the best. All you must do is connect to the Play Store via the internet within the browser you have preferred browser and sign into your account.

After that, you can begin buying the app. You will be able to see the error message DF-BPA-30 is displayed You can now go for install the application through Play Store. Play Store on your mobile and the issue should be resolved which allows you to complete the purchase of the app you’d like without the error appearing.

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