Disney Plus Out Of Sync: Here’s How To Fix Your Apps Audio?

In the event that Disney Plus is out of sync when you attempt to stream videos, you could have a buffering issue in the app.

This is the result of an insufficient internet connection, as the amount of data to be downloaded in order to play the video with no interference is not possible.

The issue with your Disney app could be in need of an update to an update or there may be an issue internal to one particular show that is available streaming on the service.

Restarting your device using to connect to Disney Plus, and making use of the rewind option in your app could aid in resolving the issue of latency.

This is a simple guidebook to help you determine the reasons behind why you’re experiencing audio delays on you Disney Plus app, whether it’s through or on your PS5 console , or smart TV. There are six easy ways to resolve the issue of your Disney Plus being out of sync.

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What is the reason for Disney Plus audio not performing as well?

The Disney Plus audio will be not in sync with the video if the app has problems with buffering. In order for Disney Plus to stream your preferred content without interruptions, your app must to download some amount of data prior to when the video starts playing. In the event that your Disney app fails to download the needed volume of data the video may be delayed.

A weak internet connection may be the cause of buffering happens along with slow audio.

1. Instabil internet connection

If your connection to the internet isn’t secured, Disney Plus will incur delays in its sound and video.

Disney Plus bandwidth needs to be at minimum 25Mbps for those who want to stream 4K as well as 5Mbps for high definition.

Many devices on the same network can make your internet connection be overwhelmed and cause issues when using issues with Disney Plus app if it isn’t able to connect at a high speed.

2. Issue with the device

Disney Plus could have been out of sync due to the fact that you’re accessing the app from a non-sync device.

The device you’re currently using (eg; Smart TV) may have an internal hardware issue which is affecting the way the audio you are playing is being processed.

If you’re making use of the outside device for casting Disney Plus onto your television, there might be a problem in the link between them.

3. Reason. Disney Plus app outage

There is a possibility that the Disney Plus server may be down , which could be causing issues in the app’s ability to load the content and playing the audio at the right time.

Scheduled maintenance on the Disney server could cause issues when you attempt to access the app , even though it’s not completely down.

You will be informed of the server’s status from Disney Plus.

Reason 4. App is out of date

Have you recently checked to see if Disney Plus is due to be upgraded?

Utilizing an older version of the app , even when the update is out could result in issues with latency.

The process of updating Disney will eliminate any data that is corrupted and will improve the efficiency of the application.

5. Reason. Content issue

A specific movie or program available on Disney Plus may have audio problems when you attempt to play it.

This could be caused by an error in the software associated with that particular content. It could be an internal issue with Disney Plus.

If the other media options are working fine in terms of sound and video matching, you’ll know there’s an issue with the program.

What can I do to solve the issue with the audio sync in Disney Plus?

It is possible to fix the issue with the audio sync feature with Disney Plus by preventing your application from buffering. It is possible to do this by pausing right after you click play in the program or movie. This will allow the program enough time to download the information needed for streaming without stopping midwaythrough, which could cause audio to become out of the sync.

Another way to fix the buffering problem could be refreshing your Internet connection.

1. Fix. Reset your internet connection

Resetting your network can improve your connection to the internet, and increase the speed of your network, when they’ve been slow because of your service provider having intermittent issues.

Refreshing the connection of your router’s Wifi will also aid in getting rid of buffering problems.

Step 1. Turn your modem off and disconnect it.

Step 2. Leave it unplugged for about 2 to 3 minutes

Step 3. Reconnect your router, and switch it on.

2. Fix. Rewind the button

Does your audio seem not in sync after a pause of your program?

It’s been reported that pressing the rewind button several times has been able to fix the issue of lag in your audio, particularly in the case of streaming on smart TVs.

The playback function has helped in removing the slowing issue.

Be aware, If you’re using your TV for access to Disney Plus, unplug your TV from the power source for approximately 30 minutes before reconnecting it. This method has worked for other users who have experienced issues with out of sync their audio.

3. Fix the issue. Check your device

The device you’re using could be the cause that is causing the slowness on the Disney service.

You can test this by opening Your Disney Plus app on a other platform and checking whether your content is not in sync when the game is played.

If there isn’t any delay, it is likely that the issue lies with your device. In this case, you might have to conduct an examination of it as well as reset it.

4. Fix. Reset streaming device

Resetting the device you’re using to allow you to launch Disney Plus will help refresh the connection and sync the video and audio.

If you’re using streaming sticks, take them off and re-insert it to your TV.

For all other device, turn off the device and turn it again after a few minutes.

After your device is connected, you can play the program you downloaded from Disney.

Fix 5. Updating Disney Plus app

Make sure you’ve enabled automatic updates.This feature will guarantee that your Disney Plus app will be continuously updated when there’s an updated version released.

If this setting isn’t enabled You can manually look for updates by logging into the app store clicking on ‘ Update’ when there’s an option.

Fix 6. Review other contents

It’s possible to stream anything through Disney Plus that has problematic software.

Open a show via Disney’s home page, then check if the sound isn’t in the sync.

If there’s nothing wrong with the sound delay, it is likely that there is an internal problem within the program. Disney must fix the issue.

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Disney Plus audio out of the PS5’s sync

If you’re accessing Disney Plus on your PlayStation 5 the application will be streamed via an HDMI cable that connects the console to your television to display the video. This could cause an issue with the sync with the audio on your TV, especially if the video is displayed at the highest resolution. The time it takes to process the image from the PS5 through your TV might be delayed if the HDMI cable is defective or damaged.

It is possible to experience Disney Plus audio out of sync on PS4 PS4 as well. This issue with sound is fixable by changing some parameters on your console.

Solution 1. Change PS5 audio setting

Step 1. Access the “Settings” Menu on your console

Step 2. Click on “Sound” then “Audio Output”

Step 3. Select ‘Output Device’

You can alter the audio settings to the one you prefer However it’s been observed that changing it to “AV Amplifier” has been a great way to get rid of audio lag.

Solution 2. Change the resolution of your screen

How do you change the resolution of your screen on PS5:

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on “Screen and Video”

Step 3. Select ‘Video Output’

When PS5 auto-selecting the highest resolution, it’s recommended to select a lower resolution to alleviate the audio not synching issue that occurs when you stream via Disney Plus.

If you’re still experiencing audio delays with the PS5 or PS4 If you are still experiencing audio delays, you can correct the problem by trying these simple steps:

  • Use a different HDMI cable
  • Unplug any other devices that are connected via your PS5 or TV.
  • Remove and reinstall Disney Plus
  • Restart your console

The Disney Plus app may be scheduled to be updated for your PlayStation.

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Try to watch The Mandalorian, or Moana in the event that the audio is not in sync with the video isn’t ideal.

We hope that this guide was helpful in getting rid of the issue with latency in Your Disney Plus app, and that you know the root of the problem and stop it from happening at any time in the future.

If you’re experiencing an audio delay on your device, we recommend you reach out to Disney Plus directly, as you examine your device for any possible hardware issues.

You can use Disney’s Help page where you’ll be able to make use of their support chat feature to talk to any of their staff members.

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