How to fix Oculus Blinking Red Light On The Headset?

Do you use Oculus Quest? Is it blinking a red light on your headset? Is the problem present on both Oculus Quest as well as Oculus Quest two headsets? This guide will explain the reasons you’re experiencing the issue and help fix it by following simple troubleshooting tips.

The world is transforming towards a virtual-reality paradise and you can be part of it through Oculus Quest. The VR headset includes features like stereo audio and sensors for head/eye tracking that alter the vision field when you tilt your head.

However, a lot of Oculus Quest users have reported that they are seeing the indicator light flashing red on their headset. While it is true that the Oculus Quest FAQ section does not provide a clear explanation of the cause for this problem, our guide should be of help as you are trying to identify the root cause of the red light that blinks on the Oculus Quest.

What is the meaning of flashing red in Quest 2?

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The majority of the time, Oculus blinking red light indicates that the headset isn’t charging due to a glitch in charging AC power. This can happen if the battery is exhausted. In this situation the headset could or may not power up.

Additionally, problems with the battery connection could cause the headset showing a red light blinking within the device. This occurs when you plug in your Oculus Quest into the charger however, the headset shows no indication of charging. It is possible to press on the power button 20 seconds however it can only alter the flashing speed, rather than eliminating this red flashing light.

Why is my Oculus light blinking red?

When you’re Oculus Quest is flashing red light, but it’s not turning on it could be because of one of the following causes.

  • The headset battery is completely depleted.
  • There is an issue that is affecting the headset’s battery connector that causes blinking red lights.
  • Oculus Qest charging or Quest Charger in a state of malfunction.
  • It is possible that the Oculus charging port or power socket is damaged.

What can I do to fix the red light that blinks on Oculus Quest?

Follow the troubleshooting tips below to resolve the red light blinking on the Oculus Quest.

Do you need to charge a force

The first step to resolve the blinking red light in the Oculus headset is to recharge it. Based on the usage the headset can take between 1.5 up to 2.5 hours to reach the full charge, and then shows that it is green.

If the Quest displays a green light press the switch for 30 secs. After that connect the charger to the headset to allow it to recharge to the fullest for another thirty minutes. When the headset is connected you can push the power button again to display the battery meter display. If the display of the battery meter displays the light as orange then your headset has been charged.

Then, wait till the lamp to change color and then turn back green. If your blinking red light still does not change color or is it isn’t turning green, try the next solution.

Remove the lens’ cover

The Oculus Quest headset has a black case with some user-friendly instructions on the cover. Some users have put the cover over the lenses of the original box of the headset without disconnecting it from its main wall or shutting it off.

There are times when Oculus Quest gets up due to the words in black on its cover while the lens attempts to comprehend and create an immersive VR from it.

In the end, the headset could run out of energy and display a flashing red light. If you’re not planning on using the headset after charging it shut it off completely and do not use a case that is printed with something on it.

Use a different charger

It is possible that you are using an out of date or incorrect charging device to power Oculus Quest. In this situation the headset’s batteries could not charge, and display a flashing red lights. So , if you have a second charger, you can try using the charger to power up your VR headset to check if that fixes the problem.

Use a different charging cable

A defective or uncompatible Oculus Quest USB charging cable could be the reason behind the blinking red light. If you have an additional cable, you can test to test it with the charger. After that, make sure the flashing red changes into orange.

Make sure the charging port on your headset is open.

If you’ve tried replacing your charger as well as the charging cable, it is possible that you did not have linked the USB cable to the Oculus charging port on the headset.

For this connect the cable to the headset with a firm grip and then lift the top that is connected to the cable. It will be evident that you hear a crackling sound after the cable has been connected. There’s also a tiny piece of USB cable’s white metal bursting out from the headset.

If the issue isn’t resolved then apply a small amount of pressure to the charging cable close to where the port for charging is. In the event that the Oculus Quest starts charging and the red light blinks and changes to orange, it could indicate that the charging port is damaged. If this is the case, you should contact Oculus support to have the VR equipment repaired or replaced.

Check the power outlet

The flashing red light indicates that your headset is out of power. The issue may not be related to the charging device or method of connecting in the charger cable to the headset. It is probable that the socket is not functioning properly and is not sending the necessary voltage for Oculus Quest.

Thus, connect the charger into a different power source and see whether you can get the light in orange to show in the headset.

Make sure to rule out Oculus issues with overheating.

In most cases it happens that it is the case that the Oculus headset will not charge and continue to flash red lights in the event that it’s overheated. If it is the headset will eventually start charging after cooling down completely.


I hope this guide has provided the solution to this Oculus flashing red light problem. The issue is most likely to occur if you use the headset without charging it, or if you are not charging it after you use it. The battery also loses charge more quickly if you utilize an energy charger to power the headset.

We recommend that you use the recommended charger that comes with Oculus Quest. Also ensure that the battery is fully charged following use of the headset and shut it off prior to placing it in storage.

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