How to remove floating icons on Android?

If you’ve ever had to deal with the issue in which you’re faced with floating icon on the screen of your Android or other device, then that this is the most frustrating problem you could face on your android. Yes, there are people who are able to live with these issues without a problem however if you’re the person who has not reached a compromise and is searching for solutions, you’re in the right place.

Yes you can remove rid of floating images and have a great time. You may think this piece is based upon untruths and falsehoods however it’s not the case. It is now possible to get rid of floating icons and it’s a breeze.

However, you need to test several methods to get rid of those floating icon.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various methods that you can use.

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Method 1: Go through the system applications

Navigate to the Settings tab on your System App page and look for the command air. You can then close the app as well as the icon that is floating will disappear. This is the most effective method to go about it, and there are a lot of chances that this method will work Why not try it?

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Method 2: Alter the settings

When we install an application, it will ask us to grant certain permissions. In the absence of reading, we tap and give access to the application. The permission that we need is an overlay permission. What? You’ve never heard of it? Yes, you granted the permission before seeing the text. You can determine which applications are allowed to use this permission, and then remove it. It will take away any floating icon.

If you are unable to revoke the authorization, or encounter difficulties, you need not fret because there’s a high chance that the app’s developers have application deleted it.

It is also possible to determine whether the Android phone is root or not. If yes, then you need an ROM on your phone. These ROMs will assist you in removing access.

The smallest of issues can be a source of stress for many. If you follow the easy steps, you will be able to solve it. We hope that you have found the solution and that there is no floating icons on your phone.

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