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How to stay online if HBO keeps logging me out

If your IP address has changed since the last time it was recognized by the app, HBO may keep logging you out.

If you have rebooted your WiFi router, a change in IP address may have taken place.

Have you possibly disclosed your HBO login information to more than two other people? The number of devices that can watch online at once is capped at three. If this cap has been reached, HBO may already have signed you out.

Your HBO app needs to be updated. The HBO sign-in problem may be resolved if you update HBO to the newest version.

This straightforward guide was created to explain why HBO keeps logging you out and to offer quick workarounds you can use to keep your account logged in without needing to log back in each time you access the service.

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Why do I constantly being logged out of HBO Max?

If you successfully rebooted your WiFi router and received a new IP address, HBO will continue to log you out. The HBO app will still be configured to use your old IP address, so if it changes, it will immediately sign you out as a result of a change in data.

HBO will continuously be knocking you out if your router has not been restarted because;

1. Your password has been updated.

Others with the same subscription have reported that after changing their password, HBO kept logging them out.