How to stay online if HBO keeps logging me out

If your IP address has changed since the last time it was recognized by the app, HBO may keep logging you out.

If you have rebooted your WiFi router, a change in IP address may have taken place.

Have you possibly disclosed your HBO login information to more than two other people? The number of devices that can watch online at once is capped at three. If this cap has been reached, HBO may already have signed you out.

Your HBO app needs to be updated. The HBO sign-in problem may be resolved if you update HBO to the newest version.

This straightforward guide was created to explain why HBO keeps logging you out and to offer quick workarounds you can use to keep your account logged in without needing to log back in each time you access the service.

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Why do I constantly being logged out of HBO Max?

If you successfully rebooted your WiFi router and received a new IP address, HBO will continue to log you out. The HBO app will still be configured to use your old IP address, so if it changes, it will immediately sign you out as a result of a change in data.

HBO will continuously be knocking you out if your router has not been restarted because;

1. Your password has been updated.

Others with the same subscription have reported that after changing their password, HBO kept logging them out.

2. The complete HBO cache files

Your HBO cache files will eventually fill up and maybe turn bad. Your HBO account will be affected, and the server keeps you logged in.

3. Update necessary for HBO

It’s possible that the app on your device is experiencing conflict when it tries to contact the HBO database if you use an outdated version of the online streaming service and HBO keeps logging you out. The information on the HBO servers will be current. Your device will become incompatible as a result.

4. The internet connection is unstable.

HBO is an online service, therefore it needs a consistent, reliable network to connect and stream without interruption.

HBO requires a minimum of 3.1Mbps if you wish to stream in HD. Your app would run poorly without it, which can be the cause of the frequent log-outs.

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How can I stop HBO from logging me out?

By logging out and changing your password, you can fix HBO. If your WiFi router has changed to a different IP address, you must do this because HBO won’t recognize the new model. HBO shouldn’t log you out again when you update your password and affirm that you want to stay logged in.

Additional solutions for this sign-in issue are;

  1. Start your device again.

You might need to restart your device in order for the change to take effect if you recently changed your password on HBO or the platform you use to access the app.

Restart the system completely, then restart HBO. If you are asked if you wish to save your password, reply “yes.”

  • Files with no content

Each time you open HBO and stream online, cache files will inevitably download to your device. To clean up the storage space and remove any corrupt data, delete these files.

How to remove the HBO cache from Chrome

Step 1: launch Chrome and type “chrome:/settings/clearBrowserData” into the search box.

Step 2: Select each tab under the “Basic” category.

Step 3: Select “Clear Data” to confirm that you wish to erase it.

The ‘Advanced’ tab ought to be automatically selected.

  • On an Apple Mac, how to remove HBO cache files

Step 1: Opening Safari, select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on the “Advanced” tab, then turn on “Show Develop Menu.”

Step 3: Launch the “Show Develop Menu” and select “Empty Cache”

Verify this action. If your browsing history seems to be rather extensive, delete it as well.

3. Upgrade HBO’s app.

HBO may have updated your app, which would explain why it keeps logging you out.

When a new version of HBO becomes available, a smart device should automatically update; however, this process can occasionally fail or be halted.

On your play store, look for HBO. You should be able to press the “Update” button when it appears. Choose this and permit the download to be finished on your device.

Restarting your device will remove any corrupt files that are still present.

4. Restart the web connection

You may check your internet speed right now. Reset your WiFi router if it is not functioning properly. This will enhance both your internet connection with your network service provider and your speeds.

Before plugging your router back in, unplug it for a short while. Open HBO and log in after your modem has reestablished the connection.

  • My PS4 keeps signing me out of HBO Max

Your PlayStation 4 may have experienced the PS4 problem CE-34878-0 if HBO Max keeps logging you out. This error code indicates that the HBO Max app on your gaming device isn’t functioning properly. This warning may also appear if your PS4 has an issue that interferes with the downloaded apps you’ve installed.

The PS4 problem CE 34878-0 has been seen in titles like GTA and is not exclusive to HBO Max.

So, what should you do if you encounter this issue on your PS4 while attempting to access your HBO account? You can start the subsequent procedures:

  • Start the console again.
  • remove cached files
  • Install HBO Max again
  • Modernize software

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How many devices are supported by HBO Max?

A subscriber to HBO is permitted to log in to their account from up to three devices at once. HBO may shut you out immediately if you attempt to exceed this limit. Despite the fact that you can only stream on three platforms at once, you can have up to five active profiles. Additionally, the online streaming software lets you share your account information with up to two other individuals.

In the settings section of your account, you can sign out other users who are currently signed into your HBO Max account;

Manage Devices > Settings > Profile Leave All Devices Alone

The other users on your account will be signed out by HBO and will need to relog in with the new password if you change your password.

You can view every device that has used your HBO profile by visiting this option tab.


We sincerely hope that our tutorial has made it clear why HBO keeps logging you out and that one of the alternatives we offered has been successful in resolving the issue on your device. If this problem persists, we advise you to speak with HBO support directly as there might be a problem with your account that isn’t being addressed.

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