How to Fix Error 80710016 on PS3 easily

The error 80710016 on PS3 is seen when accessing the PSN network. The main or the official manual suggests looking for the proxy settings and some other information can be obtained from the booklet and referrals. Many of the solutions also suggest contacting a technician.

There can be many reasons why your PS3 shows such errors. The different versions of the PS have different functionality. For example, the PS4 is completely distinguishable in terms of functions and optimization as compared to the PS3. Let us first look at the main reasons behind the error 80710016 on PS3.

How to Fix Error 80710016 on PS3 easily 1

There can be various connection used for a PC which cannot support at some times. 

  • Wired association with the help of the local network of the area.
  • Broadband, Wi-Fi, Wireless systems.

Wired Associations

The console of the game should contain a jack. Many of the consoles do not have it, so it is sometimes difficult to look for the connection source. It is easy to check if your console has it or not. Just look for an outlet or the insertion like a hole. You should look for the indicator. It should blink periodically if it works fine. The wire which comes out from slot 1 should have a blinking number 1. 

If you do not see any blinking, then check the wires that may have inherited socket. In most cases the Error 80710016 on PS3 gets resolved in this step.

When the checking of the hardware is done and you do not see an issue then go to the network settings and then the association settings to check for the wired associations.

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Wireless Association

With the help of the wireless association, it may seem typical. You need to put together the AN access. It was difficult in the early days of the wireless connections but now it is simpler to have a connection or the lines to the homes which is taken care of by the supplier.

How to Fix Error 80710016 on PS3?

  • The console should be set up in a direct line of sight of the router.
  • The router may not be designed. Verify the smartphone and the portable connection with the computer.
  • The device may be flawed. You will get to notice this if your device is unable to search for the Wi-Fi networks. You can visit the settings then to the net association settings and then select special and then scan to see the connection for the WIFI networks.

 If you see access to any network select it. Otherwise, choose the manual option in the same way as did earlier. But this time just select the manual scan.

A PS3 is not easy to handle as everyone thinks and the complexity can be compared with the PC or a smartphone.

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PlayStation Network

Error 80710016 on PS3 is usually seen due to some glitches or bugs or sometimes the network issue in the network of the PlayStation itself. There can be various technicians involved there to fix the network of the PlayStation. So, it is better to wait patiently. You can also check the status of the PSN on

The supplier in most cases uses the DHCP or also known as the dynamic information science address allocation, in order to plug into the outlet. The router or the console has unique science information when the status is ON. If the PlayStation network is creating many issues in the dynamics in the current situation then you may shut it down.

For instance, SONY blocks the information science of the user. So, you need to contact the technician for support in order to behave the console normally as earlier.

You can also resolve the information in the settings where you would find the option of association settings. In the worst-case scenario try restarting the console to work upon the settings.


Error 80710016 on PS3 is caused due to the failed network. It can either be from your side or the SONY. In both cases, you should follow the correct protocols and settings to resolve the issue or in the worst cases can take the help of the technician. If you liked the fixes and the analysis do let us know in the comment section.

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