How to Restart Xbox 360 easily 2021 [WORKING]

Restart Xbox 360 is a term that we hear quite commonly nowadays. Xbox 360 is a type of gaming console which is developed by Microsoft. It is widely used among children and teenagers to connect television and play a variety of games and to have a very realistic experience and enjoy every bit of it. You could enjoy the games online or offline while connected to Xbox 360.

It is observed that a number of times your Xbox stops responding starts giving you glitches or starts working slowly and does not function at certain moments of time. In such conditions restarting Xbox is a very good idea before going for any further changes in Xbox because restarting will never delete or vanish anything on the device and would only try to clear the glitches.

Whereas if you try any other option for resolving the issue of your Xbox you might lose your games so it is a better option to restart or reboot. Restarting would set most of the problems in your Xbox. If you are clueless about how to execute the re-start or reboot process. The only thing you need to do is read the steps below and get your Xbox fixed up.

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Restart Xbox 360

There are a number of ways by which you can restart Xbox 360:

Method 1: Restart by Xbox settings

restart Xbox 360
  1. Select the Xbox button and then leave, which is present on your Xbox controller.
  2. Soon the Xbox guide will open which is directed on the next page.
  3. Click the Settings option present there.
  4. Click on the General option and then select Power Mode I the Settings option & then Start-up.
  5. Finally, tap on Restart now option.
  6. Select Yes from the prompt notification to reboot the Xbox.

Method 2: Restart Xbox 360 by PowerCenter

How to Restart Xbox 360 easily 2021 [WORKING] 1
  1. Tap the Xbox button on the Xbox controller for some time, after which the power center would open.
  2. Click on the Restart Console option.
  3. Then tap on Restart, in a fraction of seconds the Xbox restart.

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Method 3: By the Physical power cycle of your Xbox

How to Restart Xbox 360 easily 2021 [WORKING] 2
  1. Hold the Xbox button for some time on the front console. 
  2. It’s time to now turn off your console. The thing which should be taken care of is that hold on to the button till the console is switched off completely.
  3. Finally, click on the Xbox button on the console or Xbox controller to turn the console on.

After following the steps you could observe the green boot-up animation which shows that your console is restarting. If you find that you cannot observe this then try to repeat the steps again maybe something went wrong.

Method 4: Hard restart the XBOX 360

In any case, if the above-mentioned three methods don’t work for you. Then you can go for the fourth method which would definitely solve your problem.

  1. At least a fraction of seconds or until when the console completely shuts off press and hold the Xbox button present on the right side.
  2. Then remove the power cable of the console from its source.
  3. Give some time and wait for few seconds. Then you can again plugin in the cable to the power source to start the console.
  4. Now turn on your device by pressing the Xbox button on the console or on a controller.

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This is the best technology available for game lovers who enjoy video games. It enhances the features and experience of the game to a much greater extent. Like in the case of many others, In the Xbox 360 console you have to log in through your account or make a new one if you haven’t made any. In case of any glitches or problems which you might experience restarting is the best option and you already know why. I believe the above methods would definitely help you out to get all your problems fixed and enjoy your games again.

Thank you for reading our article on ‘How to Restart Xbox 360‘. If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you.

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