How to use Print Screen functions in Windows 11

It was included in Windows 10 as part of the Snipping Tool. A simpler but equally strong Print Screen feature is now available in Windows 11. Here we are going to learn about Print Screen functions in Windows 11

When using Windows 10 or the preceding version of Windows, trying to take screenshots was a breeze. Snipping Tool made available a variety of tools for taking custom screenshots, including the ability to crop and rotate images. Using shortcut keys, Microsoft added new options to the Print Screen function.

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Multiple ways use Print Screen functions in Windows 11

Multiple ways use Print Screen functions in Windows 11

Windows 11 appears to offer the same built-in screenshot options as older versions of the operating system. A whole screen or a portion of it could be affected by this. You could even edit screenshots with the help of third-party apps in the Windows Store.

On Windows 11, you can take a screenshot using Print Screen or Snipping Tool. There is a range of quick and convenient key combinations that can be used to move in and take screenshots to have access to pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard.

Let us know in detail about the different functions that can be performed with a combination of the Print Screen key and other keys:

  • Press PrtScn: With a single Print Screen key is pressed, users can copy the complete active screen to their clipboard. In Word or Paint, users can copy and paste the whole screenshot.

Taking screenshots in this manner has long been the norm or the most straightforward method. The content of a screenshot must be pasted into some other app after it is taken. Window + PrtScn pair comes in very handy in this case.

  • Windows + PrtScn: Windows button and Print Screen button can be pressed at once to save the entire screen as something of an image. It is saved in Pictures > Screenshots in Windows 11.

Although this feature is convenient, what happens when users only have to take a snapshot of an active window? Often, users need to keep track of online approvals, receipts, and messages from apps, among other things. The Alt+PrtScn button combination is very effective in this regard. Let us know more about it.

  • Alt + PrtScn: This is achieved by tapping the Alt and the PrtScn keys together. Using PrtScn, users can quickly save the screenshot.

A powerful combination of keys in Windows 11 allows individuals to share a custom screenshot, finish with screen shortlisting, much like the Snipping Tool does in Windows 10.

  • Windows + Shift + S: The screen darkens and the mouse cursor shifts to a selector/pointer when this key pairing is pressed, as well. A part of the screen is then selected by dragging.

In Paint or Word, users could even paste the screenshot they’ve captured into the clipboard. No one knows why Microsoft does not permit such screenshots to be auto-saved in the Screenshots directory by default.

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We’ve talked about the different ways you can use the latest ‘Print Screen‘ function. You can use four major shortcut keys to make Print Screen more efficient. The use of each key combination has been elaborated in the article.

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